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Windows Firewall Control

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WFC v6.8
13 May 2022
WFC v6.7
WFC v6.5
7 Jun 2021
WFC v6.4
30 Aug 2020
Editorial review
WFC v6.3
WFC v6.1
16 Jan 2020
Editorial review
WFC v6.0
2 Mar 2019
WFC v5.4
1 Aug 2018
WFC v5.0
4 Oct 2017
Editorial review
WFC v4.9
14 Dec 2016
Editorial review
WFC v4.8
21 Jun 2016
Editorial review
WFC v4.7
30 Mar 2016
Editorial review
WFC v4.6
1 Jan 2016
WFC v4.5
29 May 2015
WFC v4.4
5 Feb 2015
WFC v4.3
15 Jan 2015
WFC v4.2
15 Nov 2014
WFC v4.1
24 Jun 2014
WFC v4.0
21 May 2013
Editorial review
WFC v3.9
9 Feb 2013
WFC v3.8
12 Dec 2012
WFC v3.7
30 Sep 2012
WFC v3.3
24 May 2012
WFC v3.1
25 Nov 2011
WFC v3.0
19 Sep 2011
WFC v2.9
11 May 2011
WFC v1.4
2 Jun 2010

What's new

v6.4 [30 Aug 2020]
- New: Added a new entry to Direction combo box in Connections Log. The user can see
now both inbound and outbound entries in the same results list.
- Improved: Updated the Time generated column in Connection Log to display the time zone.
- Improved: Search in Connections Log and Rules Panel was extended to include the
service column.
- Improved: The x button from text boxes that is clearing their content is back.
- Fixed: Learning Mode does not work anymore when language is not set to English.
- Fixed: When multiple network adapters are found the Location displayed in Dashboard
panel is Public instead of Private.
- Fixed: When importing the user settings, restarting the application fails if it is
executed only with standard privileges.

v6.1 [16 Jan 2020]
- New: Added keyboard shortcuts for the Notification Dialog.
- New: Added 'Select All' context menu item for all text boxes.
- Fixed: Due to the latest SSL improvements on the hosting server, the check for a new version does not work anymore.
- Fixed: During install/update, after the UAC prompt, for 1-2 seconds is displayed the previous page instead of the progress page.
- Fixed: The uninstaller does not work if the WFC service can not be initialized.
- Fixed: In some rare cases, the uninstaller may hang during the uninstallation.
- Fixed: Sorting by Time Generated column in Connections Log does not work.

v5.4 [1 Aug 2018]
- New: The notifications system is now available for free and the program does not
require activation anymore.
- New: The installer and the files are now digitally signed.
- Updated: A new EULA is available when installing the software.
- Reverted: Secure Rules feature was reverted to the old implementation from version The implementation from versions 5.1.x.x-5.3.x.x creates too many problems
than it solves.
- Fixed: Under certain circumstances, Connections Log displays nothing in Windows 10.
- Fixed: 'Use proxy configuration' is checked even if the user presses the Cancel
button in the proxy configuration dialog.

v5.0 [4 Oct 2017]
- Reverted: Due to many requests, the required .NET Framework version is now back
4.5 instead of 4.6.
- New: Pressing right click on the program name in the notification dialog will
open the file properties dialog. 'Check this file' was moved to the left click on
the program icon.
- Fixed: Creating a new rule fails if the name or description contain invalid
characters. WFC will automatically remove invalid characters, allowing the creation
of the rule.
- Fixed: Randomly, the program appears inactivated even if it was activated before
restarting the operating system.
- Fixed: Leaving Connections Log window open for several hours with 'Auto receive
updates' enabled may lead wfc.exe to consume several GB of memory. From this version,
older entries will be replaced with new entries. If there are 30 new entries received,
30 oldest entries will be first removed, and then the new entries will be added on top
of the list.
- Fixed: In Rules Panel and Connections Log, once you make a selection, you can't
deselect the last entry if you press outside of a valid selection.
- Improved: The logging was extended with all details of a rule which fails to be
created, modified or deleted, to be able to catch all scenarios when these failures
may occur.
- Updated: The user manual was updated with new screenshots and updated topics.

v4.9 [14 Dec 2016]

v4.8 [21 Jun 2016]
- Improved: The Notification dialog is now resizable.
- Fixed: Fixed unquoted service path which can be exploited at WFC service start-up for privilege escalation.

v4.7 [30 Mar 2016]
- New: Added a new provider for the SHA256 check. It is configurable from the Tools tab.
- New: Added "Check file" functionality from Connections Log also in the Rules Panel
toolbox and right click context menu.
- Fixed: The last window position and size are not restored on reopen when a different
DPI setting than the default value is used.
- Fixed: Connections Log crashes if the Security log size is increased by the user
and the processing data takes longer than 1 minute. Observed for a 200MB log size.
- Fixed: While refreshing the Connections Log, the old entries are displayed instead
of a loading status.

v4.5 [29 May 2015]
- New: The remote IP addresses of the two block rules that are created when High
Filtering profile is enabled ("High Filtering profile - ...") are now customizable.
These rules can be modified to block custom user defined connections instead of all
connections. The values entered are reused until they are modified again.
- Fixed: The update button is missing from the installer if the user wants to update
a version older than
- Fixed: Open file location for rules defined for All programs does nothing.
- Fixed: Exporting and importing the user settings do not work on mapped network
- Improved: Code refactoring to improve the speed and stability. Removed references
to some 3rd party assemblies which are not required anymore after the refactoring.

v4.3 [15 Jan 2015]
What's new in version (16.01.2015)
- Fixed: Duplicate context menu items when Shell Integration is enabled when no
translation file is used and then a translation file is installed.
- Fixed: Auto check for updates checkbox does not remember the last value when
reopening Main Panel window.
- Fixed: Proxy configuration dialog can't be closed if only the address is completed
but no username and password.
- Updated: Added a textbox hint for address in proxy configuration dialog.
What's new in version (15.01.2015)
- New: Auto-update feature was added. If it is enabled, it will check only once,
after 20 seconds from the program startup.
- New: Added proxy configuration support when checking for updates.
- Updated: The Shell Integration text displayed in the right context menu of
executable files is now localized based on the corresponding strings from the
translation file.
- Fixed: Merge Rules feature doesn't work correctly when duplicate entries are part
of the input arguments.
- Fixed: The profile is not updated in Profiles tab if the user changes the profile
from WFwAS while a different tab is active in WFC.
- Fixed: NullReferenceException appears if the user opens the Properties dialog,
confirms the changes and then he tries to merge some rules.
- Fixed: "The root Visual of a VisualTarget cannot have a parent" exception appears
when .NET Framework 4.5.2 is installed and the user wants to open the Main Panel.

v4.0 [21 May 2013]
- A context menu was added to the "T" allow button in the Notification dialog which allows the rule temporarily. Temporary rules support now auto deletion in 1 hour,
5 minutes or 1 minute.
- The notification sound will play when the user presses on the corresponding radio button. This is a preview of the sound. If you don't hear any sound when setting
a custom notification WAV file, it may be possible that the file to be incompatible or too short.
- Updated: In the notification dialog left click on the program icon copies the full path to the clipboard, right click copies the file-name only and the Open file location
was moved back on the program name mouse click.
- Fixed: Create an automatic rule from "Recently Blocked" window does not work when the user chooses to create a rule from an inbound connection from the list.

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